Fall Down, Get Up, Then Do It Again, Until You Get It Right.

Why not.
Get up, off your chair. Get rid of those thoughts.
They may be random but their unsocial, predictable and insecure.
The same ones that come everyday. I’s time to go, get lost.
Leave now, yes leave. Close the door and walkaway.

Let’s believe you did fall down, we all do.
That mental act of a physical head plant in which we get brain fog.
How did that happen? Who did that? Why?
The act of falling down, is the trip.

We trip on the words, the ideas, the knowledge we think we have.
Yet we don’t have much. The random chaotic messages we send ourselves all day long. Utter nonsense. We just fall down. Falling into the
muck we call protocol, the usual, the mayhem.

Now that you have fallen again into the same organized inconclusive
whatever may be on your mind right now, stand up.
Stand up, stand up for yourself. Close the door on whatever your mind is saying and create a boundary between you and the story. Run if
you have too but get out and away. Get up, get going and change the
direction your thoughts want to take. This is good advice. Tell the
thoughts they are unwanted, false or out dated.
Believe it.
What next. How brave are you? If you are really brave don’t look
behind but continue to keep choosing differently until the new way be-comes the positive way.
If your not that brave, each time you get up and choose think about
why before you fall down, then fall. At least you will have a idea
of why you chose to fall in that particular direction.
It works. We tend to fill ourselves with stories. Anytime,
anywhere those stories pop up, trip us up, make us fall hard.

Fall down, get up and yes do it all again until you get it right.
How will you know. It will become a work of art, smooth sailing.
You will learn be positive and challenge yourself each time the fall happens. You will then look forward to the fall.

Fall Down, Get Up and Do It All Over Again.


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