Free Wheeling

The wheels of lIfe go round and round.
Searching for roads, pathways.
Observing the potholes, the rocks and unapproachable landscapes.
Never determining that this may be only temporary.
What you see before you is inevitable.

What if? You do say what if, don't you?
Can you see into the distance, take control, maybe not take control?
Take a chance that the road gets better after the first turn?
That what you see is only a short distance and not the road ahead?

Free wheeling, what does that really mean?
Chances, choices, passion and possibly a new purpose?
It's time we take our hands off the handle bars.
Allow the bike to choose the way and create a new experience.

Let's use our legs to peddle onward, not our minds.
Our brains to use the space in-between to make better decisions.
To acknowledge that the road not taken may be without subjects.
Adventure awaits us when we decide to become free wheeling.

It may actually turn to to be fun.


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