What Is Being In the Moment

I hear so many people advising others to be in the moment. What is that? How do we know when we are in the moment and what do we do about it.

I thought about this, this morning, thought about it again and now I will have to indulge some time being involved in it.

So be in the moment. Be in the moment.

What did I think about? Was it positive, was it even a thought? I’m not sure. What was that space in-between? I felt something odd, yet nothing in particular. It is as if my mind wanted to wrap itself around a subject and I couldn’t find the Saran Wrap.

If I am to give into a moment I want to make sure I understand the subject of my attention. I want to choose a way to acknowledge it that is positive and works in the direction I am going. I choose not to acknowledge it as a burden that I am trying to dissolve or remove, without contemplation. That can be nothing more than a closet full of trouble.

Being in the moment is right here, right now. It is my attention giving attention to something I want to solve, and understand. It is being me, no matter what the circumstances.

Be in the moment, understand the moment. Acknowledge, why it is your immediate thought and see it through. That to me is being in the moment.



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