I Cannot Wait Until Tomorrow

I cannot wait for tomorrow to come. Why be in the moment? Fully present, what gift does that give you? All I have to do is sit back relax and wait until tomorrow.

So many things to do. Tomorrow will give me a better perspective, the “thing” may even go away. It never does though, it sometimes surrenders temporarily, always coming back like a feed back loop. Its hard sometimes to pull an arrow out of your butt.

Who wants clarity? I actually do. Naked in the light of a consciousness that gives me awareness. Maybe I could take a bath and submerse myself in self pity instead. Who wants to go no where, I don’t.

Being me is hard, being me is trusting in my present moment. Being me is taking off the constricting mental clothing and looking in the mirror. I choose to stop blaming.

Choice, Challenge, Change. My mantra. To choose is the reason we are, to challenge is the human we become, change is the chance we take in every present moment.

Whats yours?

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