A Course In Being Human

What is human? Is it an attitude surrounded by skin and bones? Is it an assumption completed by a thought or group of thoughts, thinking means moving and in what direction do you move?

We tend to move upwards, upwards toward a truth we believe in. This may be in a religious sense, a political sense or a subconscious sense of self. Getting better at doing means we have completed something therefore we ascend to the next level whichever that may be.

Well what happens to the human? This entity of skin and bones, of values, struggles that may compromise how and when we ascend? What about just being human?

Values come and go, truths come and go yet being human always is. Maybe we all should take a course in being human, being present and being grounded. maybe then we can ascend to a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness is only another means of creating better goals, more realistic plans and a possible reality that is fruitful. we all want less lessons around our lives, less issues, more gratitude, don’t we?

Human means being present. It means right here, right now in our attention. It means the future can only evolve from the most present thoughts we carry. We want to have goals, plan future events, know how it’s going to end, yet that cannot take place unless we feel successful in the moment.

I cannot tell you exactly how this happens yet it can. I am a Humanist, someone who is creating a better future because I am in the present moment. If there is a pattern change the pattern. If there is presence then you are going to receive a present, which is the right decision based on you as you are, right now. There are no stories, there is only the truth no matter how beautiful or ugly, in the way the mind makes it. Live a truth that is present and the story changes. In fact there will not be story you tell yourself, just an honest reaction to you in the moment and how you will exercise your right at being human. You will make the right choices based on you and no one else.

I will be posting here updates on a course I am creating on being a better human so we can ascend to a consciousness that creates a better reality. Right here right now, you can be whole. A whole being which really means body, human, mind creating in a positive way, and spirit which in the end is who we are.

My goal is to get you to your goals. For you to be the truth of those goals and not the end result in which you have no say on how it ends. I have an empathy toward this present. reinventing me as an empathic coach has healed me now I can offer it to you. Stay tuned.

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