We come into this world as being born(positive) and then many years later we die(negative).

Do we really understand the reality of this polarization? When thinking about this I realized everything we are is polarized. We have positive and negative thoughts. Our emotions are positively or negatively driven, and our lives are motivated with what we see as the same determination in the choices we make. I believe we don’t really have an understanding of why we do what we do, understand what we have or become what we become. We look for validation in a reality of our choice and when that validation is negatively charged we negate it. I call it hiding under the covers hoping the monsters will go away. We also have realizations over what we emotionalize as something positive. Same as hiding yet we dive into it looking for validation when we really should realize something else. Maybe it doesn’t fit, we want it so bad we chose to ignore the consequences it may have. Being present is the only representation of true validity. Right here how do I feel, what emotion is conjuring up inside me. Gut reaction to make it simple. Am I pushing it into reality because of fear, judgement or scarcity, or am I seeing it with clarity in a neutral way?

Can we see our realities as a neutral place to find validation. See if looking good only is a temporary fix or does it take you to a better understanding again in a neutral way. Do you see it clearly or do you see it through the window of a less than clean windowpane?

See your moments as valued. There is something in every moment of the day and every second validate reality in its simplest form. Love. Create peace around yourself by not viewing your choices as positive or negative only by what it serves you, a way to a better reality.

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