Spring Cleaning

I decided to start my spring cleaning today. No ordinary spring cleaning It’s about digging deeper, getting into the crevices and doing away with the dirt.

Although I have started my head already hurts. Theres more to this that I thought. Not just buckets and rags, I need a big bottle of detergent to help me out. I thought spring cleaning was dusting and a light wipe, putting a few things in boxes to give away. Today feels like moving day.

I could have had help if I had asked I guess. Yet what would I have said to those that did. I need to get rid of everything and go to ground zero. There’s so much to do. Where do I begin.

I guess it all begins with the thought of what you are to accomplish. How deep do you want to go and what does it include? I’d give away my brains if I could yet that is about all I want to keep. There’s so much clutter. I’ve held onto so much that now I look at it and have no idea where to start. Do I give away or give back all the things that were given to me. Those innuendo’s and ideas that seem to come back now and again. I don’t use any of this any more. Nothing fits so that means it all has to go. I think I will get boxes and bins to toss it all into. Labels and envelopes to send it all away to those whose words are still here. I wish I could say get out but would that do any good. I think I have to now the reasons why first, don’t I?

I have gotten this far so how far do I want to go? I want to say I won’t know myself anymore. It all has to go. Clean slate, ground zero, begin again with out hesitation. I think I will call a truck and get a shovel. Let you all know how I did next time.

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