The Times They Are A Changing

Have you noticed how things are in a state of change? Not just in politics and the economy but within our own personal lives? We are changing, morphing into a new consciousness. Everyday something new changes our view. The people we know and those we don’t seem different. We argue new ides, we deliver new challenges and we believe in so much more.

I had a conversation the other day about how our reality is an illusion, a mirror of opportunity for us to see ourselves as we are, to focus on why we believe instead of the belief. Have a conversation with someone, their view is different from where they stand and where you stand and face them. If we are mirrors for others and those mirrors can be anything we want them to be who are we really? A persona within a personality. Is the sky blue? I don’t know the answer but I can tell you as I see it. Do you believe in magic, of course that depends on if you do. See what I mean reality is an illusion that we make up as we go along. Now I get it, of course we see things our way we have to to believe in our own self. If we couldn’t believe then we wouldn’t be would we?

Philosophical and religious yet so practical. I am a mirror sometimes and sometimes the mirror faces me. I can get angry or afraid, I can be sad or defenceless or I can have the courage to see myself as I am. We can all grow from this as logic becomes illogical. We then face the mirror and ask that age old question “mirror mirror on the wall who is right and who is wrong?