What is a functioning human? Do we have the potential to be one? Sometimes I wonder what it could be like to vacate the premise of what I am and be a better who I am. Functional is having the potential to experience yourself in a different way. Asking yourself the questions of, am I honest when I’m alone with my thoughts? Am I truthful in what I discover about my emotions? Am I real in what I can realistically make my life out to be.

There is more than that to finding functionality yet it is for the most part being healthy. What does health have to do with this, everything. We tend to lie to ourselves more often that we tell ourselves the truth. Mindful health is the realization that we are always faulty and that sometimes it just works out because we work at it. All other health is making better choices in how we eat and take care of the outer shell. Exercise helps us be more proactive and being more proactive in the choices we make when eating can heal the weariness we create when we eat badly.

Like a well oiled machine we learn to function better, learn more and live longer. There is no Drama lama here just a functioning human doing her best to survive and live longer.

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