When Flowers Die

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

When flowers die we throw them away. We then replace them with the many varieties of newly picked ones that make us feel good. The memory of flowers, dead flowers, die also within the many memories we relate to soon to be forgotten.

When thoughts die they are emptied into a cache of subconscious thoughts. Vases empty and are filled again with new flowers. Memories are reborn into different scenarios. Are they real or are they like flowers from different seeds? How did we pick the variety? Did we see the colours, envelop beauty relating to how it will look? One can see it as real or one can believe it to be a mismatched group like thoughts that make no sense.

When ideas die we throw them away. We bury them in a garden of memories. Who they are become the many varieties of flowers in a vase until those memories too, die and are replaced. Dead flowers, dead thoughts and forgotten ideas as how things are suppose to be? What is the reality of thoughts into flowers? Is it how we group our thoughts, like flowers in a vase in an effort to conform?

When our thoughts die we throw them away or at least we think they do. They become a mound of compromised memories to compost sometime later when something else comes up. One thought dies and another formulates and we compile the information to begin again. Like a new vase of flowers.

When flowers die we throw them away. When thoughts die we should show them way too.

Making Changes

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Sitting on a beach you look out into the open water and see one lone wave. Your thoughts may go to where did it come from, there are no other waves in site, or maybe how did it begin?

Where does anything come from or begin? There has to be a beginning and so we believe. Many thoughts derived from one, just like the wave began as one drop of water.

You question the validity of that wave. Should it be there and maybe it is disturbing your peacefulness. You see it coming, the roar of the surf yet can you see the beauty in its presence.

You ask yourself if you should get up from your spot and meet the wave at the shore. Allow your feet to be swallowed up by the foam. To feel the current express itself by engaging you in a tug of war. Where are your thoughts? Many you don’t have any, maybe you are present.

A little wisdom goes a long way


Monkey see, monkey do as the saying goes and there’s a little bit of wisdom beneath it all. Some say we are all equal and some say it depends on what we are talking about.

If we take off the clothes we wear, the monetary value of the things we hold true and the belief that some have and some have not then we are the same. We all walk the same road.

We begin this journey as a child born into a human body. We grow and we learn, differently yes, yet we all learn. Our truths may vary and our lives too, some walking a harder road than others, but in the those last days we all see the end of the road.

If you look down your road you will see that there are many of you. Some weak, some strong, some rich enough to carry the load of another. Some of us are even staying in the middle challenging themselves along the way.

In the end we all die. We all look back upon the reality and see only nothingness. That nothingness we began our lives in and will someday come back to. Take a hand, part your lips in a generous smile and see that person next to you as the same, unclothed, conscious and in belief we are all monkey see monkey do into a better world.

Who Am I?


Someone asked me the other day Who are you? This made me start a conversation with myself as to who am I, and what makes me that I? We can start this conversation as to who and whom by giving the simplest answer I am, fill in the blank, as it concerns person and personality. I can talk about what makes me, me in the form of what I do and what I have. Is this truth? Who am I?

I believe I am the present moment and how I am in that moment. Do I walk my truth or deceive myself, becoming the choices and challenges that surround me? I put language to the moment and I change. I’d like to say that I am more than me and sometimes I am, yet I choose to believe I am a work in progress never remaining the “me” for very long. I challenge myself to my many thoughts, ideas and scenarios.

This me wants to constantly challenge not only myself but what I think about and do every day. I hope that I think outside the box, bring new things to the table in conversation and find constant joy as a human.

Who am I. Today I am me, tomorrow I will be me yet a different me. Always changing never staying stuck in one idea, being real. Choice, challenge and change make the “me” in me multiple choices and as a chameleon of many colours. There is no language as to who we are, just the roads we take and people we meet along the way.

Ask me again tomorrow and I will say it all different. Have a joyous day and be the many me’s you can be.

The Importance Of Being (Me)

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

I want to be the shadow no one sees. The air as it moves into the present moment that I acknowledge, the sound of breathing. No self importance attached to this breathe, to a story I tell myself. I breathe into the moment within the eperieence to become.

We will all walk mountains, embracing a story, the story of how we climb. Yet is it the shadow that walks and the truth that follows us pushing us forward or is it the self importance of our story?

Free yourself, see the truth as a non story, be present in all you see through the camera of the eye and not the things you carry. No attachment to who you is only the shadow that sees before you.

Each present moment is one step toward the truth.The awareness of you being you without the self importance of the story you may tell.

Experience the world before you, wherever you are. Free yourself from the stories and the pictures. Feel freedom and the realization of awareness as you experience the breathe in each moment. Nurture that moment and breathe in the true self, not the one that tells the story.

Love loves through us. I am one among many that walk a daily path in understanding my reason to be. Is it me or is it my shadow that knows?

Guess one day I will find out yet today I will walk my mountain helping those along the way through the truth of their own unique story.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Photo by veeterzy on Pexels.com

Down the rabbit hole I go. Deep below the surface of the tree I slide. The darkness surrounds me and I think of nothing. I feel the roughness of the roots and cold damp dirt, my backside being bumped around by rocks. I surrender myself to the earth, the depth of my being and become one with who I am.

I feel so lucky to have found this tree, had the courage to look down beneath its aged body. Something called to me said come down and see what you will find. I had to have the courage to let go of everything before I could be come small enough to slide.

I close my eyes and slide, I let go of my mind as become one with all the elements, I can’t wait to find myself again. As I hit bottom the world I know is turned upside, It’s so beautiful. My first stop is to find the Madd Hatter. I have come home.

The path we follow can be long and hard, sometimes things don’t go as well as we would like them too. Even these paths hold truths we sometimes don’t see. I can get lost down here take a wrong turn and end up going in circles. When that happens I sit down by the reflection pool and look deep into what I see, someone sometimes comes to get me and sometimes I remember where to go.

Today is a beautiful day, make it count no matter what you do. Find your own rabbit hole, your own Madd Hatter or reflection pool. Don’t be afraid to become small, see into the water to find out who you are. Theres always a Madd Hatter for everyone, someone to talk to, to help you find the right paths in life.

Believe in you, take a walk and leave your mind and thoughts at home locked up in a box. Then walk your path without worry and you will find your rabbit hole.

Two Today


Today you get me twice. I have to come down to the present and switch modes. My morning spent on my bike and now I am truly hungry. That brings me to what’s for lunch. Im actually breaking a fast so food looks extra delish to me. Yet my mind is wandering in its choice to what to have. Food for thought.

Whats my point here, I really don’t have one and that’s my point it’s not my day to be the coach, give you some of my thoughts on some inner wisdom. I’m just me, hungry me.

Now it’s lunch time. What do I choose for lunch? I can smell Mcdonalds’ down the road, I may invite myself to the local Pho, and I can look in the fridge. Now looking into the fridge is the best. I can see who I am in that moment. If there’s greens I am healthy and if there’s a piece of chocolate cake you know I’m carrying my emotional baggage. Today there’s is both.

So what’s for lunch? It’s hard. I want to be healthy thus choosing the greens and yet cake after a bike ride makes my mouth water. It really comes down to the present and how I want to present myself. I know I will berate me later if I eat the cake and if I have the greens I will berate myself for not eating the cake early. You know it’s that burning off of calories thing.

Being a aware human is a hard thing, way too many choices to make all the time. Deciding on lunch should be a no brainer yet it takes me longer than it should. Being human is about choices, never about deciding. We will make decisions and will all be mad at ourselves for making the decisions we do. Thats it.

What will I do? I will have a healthy lunch, be happy of my choice and then share my cake with the first person who comes through my door.

Have happy day, enjoy your choices whatever they may be, ignore the trauma of making the choice you did and move on, stay present and you know it will all be the best lunch ever.

What’s For Lunch

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

An empty bowl stands before me awaiting my desire to fill it.

How shall I choose?

There is air in its emptiness, there is a void in its contents yet is it empty and full at the same time.

Food for thought gives ideas on how to fill this empty bowl.

Its contents can be nourished and nourishing with the thought of how to fill it. Does your mouth water as you decide? Does your mind wander through the ads on tv encouraging you to choose them instead of this?

One thought at a time fields this bowl, one brave idea as what to eat.

Choose wisely, choose to challenge your palate with greens and layerings of heart and health. Quench with empty bowl with love.

Through the Door

What can you find if you could walk through the door of your mind?

Would you find a room full of stuff, clutter that you have to move through? An experience lost in time or piece of some thought that you haven’t really thought about?, One at a time you begin to make decisions to keep the thought or get rid of it. Yet to get rid of it you had to understand why it’s in this room in the first place. It may not exist in the reality you are in, yet it may still be held onto in a place we call sub conscious.

Alice walked through the door in a story we all have read and heard and saw. She found herself in an unknown wonderland, one she had to walk through considering all that she saw and felt.

Some of us will find the path through the subconscious going down the rabbit hole. We will integrate mediation or meditation, to move about the mind and find hope to move into the room and try to move beyond what you see inside the room. Some will go about their day looking at all the mirrors they have, the reflections of yes’s and no’s. They will open the door many times looking inside not yet ready to enter. Lastly some will be open and excited to find what this adventure offers. They have done their work looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of a higher purpose connected to each present situation. They will then go through this mirror, find the door and walk through it. There will be no indecision about what to keep and what to let go of. Thoughts will be moved out of the way and left behind opening up the room where one can see where they need to go next.

Where will you go, who will you find in the wonderland of your thoughts? Will you see what is real and what is only a story you tell yourself. Will you be strong enough to meet the Madd Hatter and attend the tea party as a celebration of the new you? Even if you have to try many times, involve yourself in the land of the Queen of Spades. You will get there.

“Off with their heads” is more than just a physical act of deliverance it is the only way we can find our truth. Feel reason though the heart, find your freedom by listening to your “guts”, and not your heads. Sometimes the rabbit hole can be tight and uncomfortable, yet when you finally get to the bottom and you will see beyond what you feel, when you live through your past, or always into a future of what if’s.

It’s only the now. It’s only you walking up to that door with a curiosity that can take you into the land of wonder and delight to become who you are.

Love, learn and keep moving forward.

Asleep At The Wheel

And to think I almost missed this. As I looked about I could see most of my fellow passengers were asleep or immersed in a movie. I wanted to yell hey everybody look, and then I thought yeah they would look at me and think what’s her gig!

So I looked and I saw. How can one not look and want to see something so magnificent. I couldn’t tell you yet they didn’t. Pretty big mountain, awesome place to climb, come on people someone acknowledge how wonderful our planet is.

So I was silent and I kept this wonder to myself. I whispered in her ear I will be back and this time maybe to climb your summit, sit at your snow covered peak and look up to see the people in the airplane go by.