The Wilderness

Have you entered the wilderness?

The vast emptiness of the mind where the forest is thick and the underbrush dense? Where you can find comfort by the cold clear creeks and silence beneath the base of the mountains?

Can you take the time pack nothing but a small amount of patience, a belief that the less you carry the better your intention to succeed in such a place?

The forest is connected, the roots of the trees driven deep into soil and rock holding it upright. They deliver unthought to their brethren finding a safety to their togetherness. You can hear them whisper if you try. Silence your own deliberete thinking, turn off the talk and converse only with them. The wilderness is the forgotten place within you, it is home.

Walk among the giants, the fauna, the wildlife that call it home. Walk inside your own mind and become the wilderness as you can find a belief that is connected to something more than what you think.

Enter the wilderness, find peace where there is chaos, learn patience in the cool waters of the emotions, be the path that leads you outside the world of concrete and mental oblivion and seek the silence of no thought. Walk among the nature of creative ideas and possibilities as you sit inside yourself, dare to begin again.

Trust in the forests of ideas, the waterfalls of love and the mountains that can be climbed. They all await you, here in the Wilderness.

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