So much to learn. You would think the older you became the less lessons in Life you would get, not true. Every day, all day the lessons are thrown at us from all angles. It can be personal, which is most of the time, tribal which includes your personal body of family including friends and of course worldly.

Lessons come in all forms, like birth, death and politics. Family politics is the most challenging for me. Wake up I say to me, wake’s up and view today in a better way. The mirror in the morning can be a very productive place for redeeming one self or judging the same.

I sometimes spend a few moments while coffee is brewing and tell myself all kinds of advice. Some of it is incriminating and other is just stuff. Do this, don’t act that way any more, make sure you don’t attract attention etc. and so forth. Always try to be true and real I say to that other figure in her pj”s your will get goated if not. Your smart or is it SMRT!

The only thing I always forget is to be present. Being present is saying good morning. Representing you to the other you in a right here kind of way. No senario’s or wishful thoughts attatched to the days activities, just an awareness on what the day may bring.

I learn someday’s, we all do and then somedays we do drop the ball. Have a bad hair day for a change, forget to get what you thought you would buy for supper and wing it. Surprise yourself with some instantaneous laughter. Make fun of your mistakes and they become nothing. No drama lama.

Believe in the fact that the past cannot be replicated, repeated or regenerated in the exact same way. Understand that the future cannot evolve from a place of dreaming, only from the present moment. Give yourself 5 minutes of silence in your mind, practice mindfulness and meditate on your walks. Nature provides us with so many clues.

Say hello to the person in the mirror and say to that person “I Love YOU”

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