SMRT, wise in it’s own meaning, are you SMRT?

Smart is educated, able to memorize texts, speak in a noticeable way, yet is it smart?

I left out the A for a reason and it’s not because of the comedy but to help you understand the real meaning of smart. I define the A in smart as AWARE. Are you, am I? thats the question I ask of you, today, to ask yourself. Do you define you as person with awareness, a knowing that is deeper within the word Smart, other than being able to memorize words, texts, conversations only to spit then out again? Are you consciously aware of what you say and whom you say it to? Does it have meaning, one moment said in a truthful way, that you speak of, heart felt?

SMRT is funny, witty, social, and sometimes cute. SMART, is the present moment when the conversation goes down the rabbit hole and you are met with the joy of understanding the present moment and the beauty of being real.

Be here now. Be present and represent you as you are in the truthful and aware way. Be SMART.

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