Cheesy Crackers and Afternoon Inspiration

So here I sit on a Friday afternoon looking to be inspired. I see my grand daughter on the couch immersed in her world of computer generated images, the animals occupying their time by sleeping and wanting to go outside.

Are they present, are they inspired? What does give us those daily doses of inspiration?

I can’t seem to get there myself, find something inspiring to write about and wonder what to do? So the answer is go get some cheesy crackers. As I walk over to the cupboard my grand daughter looks up for a mere second and gives that look. “what are you doing, don’t eat my crackers!” They might give me inspiration I think to myself and smile back at her but she’s already locked into the screen and back being inspired on her own terms.

One cracker at a time I think, one more cracker and I wonder, why am I searching so hard? My mind goes to the taste of the cracker, my teeth crunch away with the absurdity of licking my fingers after each bite. Am I inspired?

What is inspiration anyways. Is it the lighting and thunder of a moment when I feel right about everything? Is it the most effective words that I can write to inspire others or even myself? Or is it just being in the moment eating cheesy crackers like a child in wonder, of a universe that changes each time I blink.

Go now yourself to the cupboard and find that snack, something for your own inspiration. Next go outside and look up at the sky or the beauty of the moment and be inspired.

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