Life and Lemons

Having a bad day? Life has lemons in your basket. It’s those moments when what can go wrong does always will but why refer them as lemon? Can life give us figs, apricots or bananas?

Today is one of those days. Do I deserve to have a bad day, did I do something lemony, sour? What can I do about it?

Be a Lime instead. Look at the bright side and be orange! Make pink lemonade with lots of sugar. I need to take my own advice.

Friends say be “present, what you focus on will only make it worse.”Lemons make me crazy. Lemons are not a pain, negative or nasty. Lemons are bright and yellow and tasty.

I may not be able to get rid of my pain by being present because in this present the pain is in my arena but I can make lemonade, find laughter in the way I think about my problems and belief that tomorrow will be a better day.

Live life yellow, bright, lemony and make lemonade.

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