You know we are always thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. Do we ever stop the noise about later, never, tomorrow or yesterday? Do you ever catch yourself and realize you have been somewhere else thinking about something that could, should or would have happened?

All the time!

I can’t draw! Yet finding art has helped me find an abstract way of getting out of my head at the most opportune times. I am so tired of thinking, being absorbed in thought. What does it get me? A headache!

When I open the app It’s like reaching into space where time doesn’t matter and what I draw is the only matter on my mind. I found I can’t multitask my brain functions when traveling though time and space if I am doing something that absorbs my thinking. The past doesn’t matter, pursuing the future isn’t in my que, and the present is all bout making something creative.

Make believe said the Madd Hatter, believe in the colours of being in the zone and not in your thoughts. If I can so can anyone. Writing is a passion, yet art is my saviour when I want to run through the forest and not worry about where I’ve been, where I am going. It’s only the strokes on a page, on paper and when its done I can only wonder where time has gone.

That my friends is a good thing and the best is when you don’t like it all you have to do is delete and start again. We can be like the art we create. Learning our lessons, getting out of our heads and being realistic. If delete needs to happen we can then know the reasons why and be grateful.

Be abstract and get out of the abstraction.

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