Eating Muffins at the Airport

Thoughts about muffins? Not really, Im just an early arrival awaiting my flight to Vancouver. If you’ve never flown out of Sacramento try it, easy and not so busy. It’s not very often that one can get a direct flight from anywhere, anymore.

So what should one write about while eating a muffin at the airport? Should I be comprehensive, detailed, while people watching or just straight up direct? Don’t know. I do know my muffin tastes really good and eating it is a kind of cheat for me, so don’t tell on me.

The airport is super quiet, people watching is pretty dull. No exciting characters to portrait, no kids telling their parents they are bored and no complaining about flight delays. It is definitely very mellow.

I could get meditative and talk about how an airport could be a great place to get to know my fellow traveler’s. Conversations that could get close to the heart and how they feel about themselves and life. No, I want to be ghosting today< maybe let everyone else do the talking.

What and where does that leave me? I will just say it gives me great pleasure to be in the zone eating my muffin, not thinking about anything and I guess being present to what shows up.

I will smile, be cordial, converse if conversed to. Otherwise I will be wise anonymous to the nature of this beast and sit quietly eating my muffin.

Safe travels ya’ all were ever you may be, even if its just to the store.

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