Through the Door

What can you find if you could walk through the door of your mind?

Would you find a room full of stuff, clutter that you have to move through? An experience lost in time or piece of some thought that you haven’t really thought about?, One at a time you begin to make decisions to keep the thought or get rid of it. Yet to get rid of it you had to understand why it’s in this room in the first place. It may not exist in the reality you are in, yet it may still be held onto in a place we call sub conscious.

Alice walked through the door in a story we all have read and heard and saw. She found herself in an unknown wonderland, one she had to walk through considering all that she saw and felt.

Some of us will find the path through the subconscious going down the rabbit hole. We will integrate mediation or meditation, to move about the mind and find hope to move into the room and try to move beyond what you see inside the room. Some will go about their day looking at all the mirrors they have, the reflections of yes’s and no’s. They will open the door many times looking inside not yet ready to enter. Lastly some will be open and excited to find what this adventure offers. They have done their work looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of a higher purpose connected to each present situation. They will then go through this mirror, find the door and walk through it. There will be no indecision about what to keep and what to let go of. Thoughts will be moved out of the way and left behind opening up the room where one can see where they need to go next.

Where will you go, who will you find in the wonderland of your thoughts? Will you see what is real and what is only a story you tell yourself. Will you be strong enough to meet the Madd Hatter and attend the tea party as a celebration of the new you? Even if you have to try many times, involve yourself in the land of the Queen of Spades. You will get there.

“Off with their heads” is more than just a physical act of deliverance it is the only way we can find our truth. Feel reason though the heart, find your freedom by listening to your “guts”, and not your heads. Sometimes the rabbit hole can be tight and uncomfortable, yet when you finally get to the bottom and you will see beyond what you feel, when you live through your past, or always into a future of what if’s.

It’s only the now. It’s only you walking up to that door with a curiosity that can take you into the land of wonder and delight to become who you are.

Love, learn and keep moving forward.

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