Two Today


Today you get me twice. I have to come down to the present and switch modes. My morning spent on my bike and now I am truly hungry. That brings me to what’s for lunch. Im actually breaking a fast so food looks extra delish to me. Yet my mind is wandering in its choice to what to have. Food for thought.

Whats my point here, I really don’t have one and that’s my point it’s not my day to be the coach, give you some of my thoughts on some inner wisdom. I’m just me, hungry me.

Now it’s lunch time. What do I choose for lunch? I can smell Mcdonalds’ down the road, I may invite myself to the local Pho, and I can look in the fridge. Now looking into the fridge is the best. I can see who I am in that moment. If there’s greens I am healthy and if there’s a piece of chocolate cake you know I’m carrying my emotional baggage. Today there’s is both.

So what’s for lunch? It’s hard. I want to be healthy thus choosing the greens and yet cake after a bike ride makes my mouth water. It really comes down to the present and how I want to present myself. I know I will berate me later if I eat the cake and if I have the greens I will berate myself for not eating the cake early. You know it’s that burning off of calories thing.

Being a aware human is a hard thing, way too many choices to make all the time. Deciding on lunch should be a no brainer yet it takes me longer than it should. Being human is about choices, never about deciding. We will make decisions and will all be mad at ourselves for making the decisions we do. Thats it.

What will I do? I will have a healthy lunch, be happy of my choice and then share my cake with the first person who comes through my door.

Have happy day, enjoy your choices whatever they may be, ignore the trauma of making the choice you did and move on, stay present and you know it will all be the best lunch ever.

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