Down The Rabbit Hole

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Down the rabbit hole I go. Deep below the surface of the tree I slide. The darkness surrounds me and I think of nothing. I feel the roughness of the roots and cold damp dirt, my backside being bumped around by rocks. I surrender myself to the earth, the depth of my being and become one with who I am.

I feel so lucky to have found this tree, had the courage to look down beneath its aged body. Something called to me said come down and see what you will find. I had to have the courage to let go of everything before I could be come small enough to slide.

I close my eyes and slide, I let go of my mind as become one with all the elements, I can’t wait to find myself again. As I hit bottom the world I know is turned upside, It’s so beautiful. My first stop is to find the Madd Hatter. I have come home.

The path we follow can be long and hard, sometimes things don’t go as well as we would like them too. Even these paths hold truths we sometimes don’t see. I can get lost down here take a wrong turn and end up going in circles. When that happens I sit down by the reflection pool and look deep into what I see, someone sometimes comes to get me and sometimes I remember where to go.

Today is a beautiful day, make it count no matter what you do. Find your own rabbit hole, your own Madd Hatter or reflection pool. Don’t be afraid to become small, see into the water to find out who you are. Theres always a Madd Hatter for everyone, someone to talk to, to help you find the right paths in life.

Believe in you, take a walk and leave your mind and thoughts at home locked up in a box. Then walk your path without worry and you will find your rabbit hole.

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