The Importance Of Being (Me)

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I want to be the shadow no one sees. The air as it moves into the present moment that I acknowledge, the sound of breathing. No self importance attached to this breathe, to a story I tell myself. I breathe into the moment within the eperieence to become.

We will all walk mountains, embracing a story, the story of how we climb. Yet is it the shadow that walks and the truth that follows us pushing us forward or is it the self importance of our story?

Free yourself, see the truth as a non story, be present in all you see through the camera of the eye and not the things you carry. No attachment to who you is only the shadow that sees before you.

Each present moment is one step toward the truth.The awareness of you being you without the self importance of the story you may tell.

Experience the world before you, wherever you are. Free yourself from the stories and the pictures. Feel freedom and the realization of awareness as you experience the breathe in each moment. Nurture that moment and breathe in the true self, not the one that tells the story.

Love loves through us. I am one among many that walk a daily path in understanding my reason to be. Is it me or is it my shadow that knows?

Guess one day I will find out yet today I will walk my mountain helping those along the way through the truth of their own unique story.

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