Who Am I?


Someone asked me the other day Who are you? This made me start a conversation with myself as to who am I, and what makes me that I? We can start this conversation as to who and whom by giving the simplest answer I am, fill in the blank, as it concerns person and personality. I can talk about what makes me, me in the form of what I do and what I have. Is this truth? Who am I?

I believe I am the present moment and how I am in that moment. Do I walk my truth or deceive myself, becoming the choices and challenges that surround me? I put language to the moment and I change. I’d like to say that I am more than me and sometimes I am, yet I choose to believe I am a work in progress never remaining the “me” for very long. I challenge myself to my many thoughts, ideas and scenarios.

This me wants to constantly challenge not only myself but what I think about and do every day. I hope that I think outside the box, bring new things to the table in conversation and find constant joy as a human.

Who am I. Today I am me, tomorrow I will be me yet a different me. Always changing never staying stuck in one idea, being real. Choice, challenge and change make the “me” in me multiple choices and as a chameleon of many colours. There is no language as to who we are, just the roads we take and people we meet along the way.

Ask me again tomorrow and I will say it all different. Have a joyous day and be the many me’s you can be.

One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. I am so sorry my phone gliched and sent me to your blog instead….I feel terrible the award was meant for a different blogger. I will definitely check out your blog though.


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