A little wisdom goes a long way


Monkey see, monkey do as the saying goes and there’s a little bit of wisdom beneath it all. Some say we are all equal and some say it depends on what we are talking about.

If we take off the clothes we wear, the monetary value of the things we hold true and the belief that some have and some have not then we are the same. We all walk the same road.

We begin this journey as a child born into a human body. We grow and we learn, differently yes, yet we all learn. Our truths may vary and our lives too, some walking a harder road than others, but in the those last days we all see the end of the road.

If you look down your road you will see that there are many of you. Some weak, some strong, some rich enough to carry the load of another. Some of us are even staying in the middle challenging themselves along the way.

In the end we all die. We all look back upon the reality and see only nothingness. That nothingness we began our lives in and will someday come back to. Take a hand, part your lips in a generous smile and see that person next to you as the same, unclothed, conscious and in belief we are all monkey see monkey do into a better world.

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