Making Changes

Photo by Simon Clayton on

Sitting on a beach you look out into the open water and see one lone wave. Your thoughts may go to where did it come from, there are no other waves in site, or maybe how did it begin?

Where does anything come from or begin? There has to be a beginning and so we believe. Many thoughts derived from one, just like the wave began as one drop of water.

You question the validity of that wave. Should it be there and maybe it is disturbing your peacefulness. You see it coming, the roar of the surf yet can you see the beauty in its presence.

You ask yourself if you should get up from your spot and meet the wave at the shore. Allow your feet to be swallowed up by the foam. To feel the current express itself by engaging you in a tug of war. Where are your thoughts? Many you don’t have any, maybe you are present.

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