When Flowers Die

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

When flowers die we throw them away. We then replace them with the many varieties of newly picked ones that make us feel good. The memory of flowers, dead flowers, die also within the many memories we relate to soon to be forgotten.

When thoughts die they are emptied into a cache of subconscious thoughts. Vases empty and are filled again with new flowers. Memories are reborn into different scenarios. Are they real or are they like flowers from different seeds? How did we pick the variety? Did we see the colours, envelop beauty relating to how it will look? One can see it as real or one can believe it to be a mismatched group like thoughts that make no sense.

When ideas die we throw them away. We bury them in a garden of memories. Who they are become the many varieties of flowers in a vase until those memories too, die and are replaced. Dead flowers, dead thoughts and forgotten ideas as how things are suppose to be? What is the reality of thoughts into flowers? Is it how we group our thoughts, like flowers in a vase in an effort to conform?

When our thoughts die we throw them away or at least we think they do. They become a mound of compromised memories to compost sometime later when something else comes up. One thought dies and another formulates and we compile the information to begin again. Like a new vase of flowers.

When flowers die we throw them away. When thoughts die we should show them way too.

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