Eating Muffins at the Airport

Thoughts about muffins? Not really, Im just an early arrival awaiting my flight to Vancouver. If you’ve never flown out of Sacramento try it, easy and not so busy. It’s not very often that one can get a direct flight from anywhere, anymore.

So what should one write about while eating a muffin at the airport? Should I be comprehensive, detailed, while people watching or just straight up direct? Don’t know. I do know my muffin tastes really good and eating it is a kind of cheat for me, so don’t tell on me.

The airport is super quiet, people watching is pretty dull. No exciting characters to portrait, no kids telling their parents they are bored and no complaining about flight delays. It is definitely very mellow.

I could get meditative and talk about how an airport could be a great place to get to know my fellow traveler’s. Conversations that could get close to the heart and how they feel about themselves and life. No, I want to be ghosting today< maybe let everyone else do the talking.

What and where does that leave me? I will just say it gives me great pleasure to be in the zone eating my muffin, not thinking about anything and I guess being present to what shows up.

I will smile, be cordial, converse if conversed to. Otherwise I will be wise anonymous to the nature of this beast and sit quietly eating my muffin.

Safe travels ya’ all were ever you may be, even if its just to the store.


You know we are always thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. Do we ever stop the noise about later, never, tomorrow or yesterday? Do you ever catch yourself and realize you have been somewhere else thinking about something that could, should or would have happened?

All the time!

I can’t draw! Yet finding art has helped me find an abstract way of getting out of my head at the most opportune times. I am so tired of thinking, being absorbed in thought. What does it get me? A headache!

When I open the app It’s like reaching into space where time doesn’t matter and what I draw is the only matter on my mind. I found I can’t multitask my brain functions when traveling though time and space if I am doing something that absorbs my thinking. The past doesn’t matter, pursuing the future isn’t in my que, and the present is all bout making something creative.

Make believe said the Madd Hatter, believe in the colours of being in the zone and not in your thoughts. If I can so can anyone. Writing is a passion, yet art is my saviour when I want to run through the forest and not worry about where I’ve been, where I am going. It’s only the strokes on a page, on paper and when its done I can only wonder where time has gone.

That my friends is a good thing and the best is when you don’t like it all you have to do is delete and start again. We can be like the art we create. Learning our lessons, getting out of our heads and being realistic. If delete needs to happen we can then know the reasons why and be grateful.

Be abstract and get out of the abstraction.

And Then There Was Woodstock

Woodstock. Three days of peace and love, where no one noticed any difference. No one cared if you wore clothes or what clothes you wore. People hugged, kissed, danced and meditated on nothing more than music.

We, yes I was there, slipped and slid in the mud, played in the rivers and streams and never wondered where we would go next. The music took us into a dance of the heart. The energy of each singer rejoiced in the moment. Love loved through all of us.

We went home in a daze, unaware of what could have taken place and for that matter we didn’t care. We had loved, danced and learned about the heart of what matters and that is simply people.

I long for that moment again, a moment that will never be. We are not that simple, nor direct in our desires for peace. The type of peace that comes with no strings attached.

I am honoured to have been there, to have discovered my fellow humans in the dance. Where have we gone and where do we hide.

Let’s come together again, not like we did then yet in a new presence of peace, love and being groovy.

No more war we chanted. No more war. Hug your neighbour see them for who they are and that is, just humans in a dance of joy.

It’s Hard

It’s hard to sit still when you want to be active. It’s hard to be quiet when the world wants you to voice your opinion, even though you haven’t decided to get involved.

It’s difficult to understand why “You” when you feel it’s not deserving. Harder to feel the hugs of love when everyone only wants to give you advice.

It’s freeing to walk away from what’s not yours to carry. It’s healing to just be if you can. If life gives you something you don’t understand do your best to accept it.

Not everything will always be easy, not everything will be acceptable. Sometimes we just have to suck it up, be still while we find the best answers possible and smile in the darkest of times.

Agree to disagree with life and do the best you can.

Life and Lemons

Having a bad day? Life has lemons in your basket. It’s those moments when what can go wrong does always will but why refer them as lemon? Can life give us figs, apricots or bananas?

Today is one of those days. Do I deserve to have a bad day, did I do something lemony, sour? What can I do about it?

Be a Lime instead. Look at the bright side and be orange! Make pink lemonade with lots of sugar. I need to take my own advice.

Friends say be “present, what you focus on will only make it worse.”Lemons make me crazy. Lemons are not a pain, negative or nasty. Lemons are bright and yellow and tasty.

I may not be able to get rid of my pain by being present because in this present the pain is in my arena but I can make lemonade, find laughter in the way I think about my problems and belief that tomorrow will be a better day.

Live life yellow, bright, lemony and make lemonade.

I Am Here, You Are Where?

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I am here where are you. Went to the top of the world and saw peace at each peak.

Sat at the ocean and saw my toes laughing at the grains of sand in-between them.

Set myself a new pattern by facing my fears. One paddle at a time, one mountain climb and one learning not to be so busy I forgot what it is to enjoy having nothing to do.

Setting new patterns, new relationships, new ideas to make me smile more.

I am here, where are you.

I’m on a roll, rollercoaster.

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Roll me along, find me a highway. Help me be free as a bird. I’d like to buzz like a bee finding the nectar of life.

I’m on a rollercoaster, moving without control of my own consciousness. Strapped into a machine called human mind, I want to throw up! Make it stop.

Oh wait I can put my hand on the lever and slow myself down so I can see. I can now get off, place my feet on the ground, walk with a slow pace, smile and pick what I choose for food for thought.

Cheesy Crackers and Afternoon Inspiration

So here I sit on a Friday afternoon looking to be inspired. I see my grand daughter on the couch immersed in her world of computer generated images, the animals occupying their time by sleeping and wanting to go outside.

Are they present, are they inspired? What does give us those daily doses of inspiration?

I can’t seem to get there myself, find something inspiring to write about and wonder what to do? So the answer is go get some cheesy crackers. As I walk over to the cupboard my grand daughter looks up for a mere second and gives that look. “what are you doing, don’t eat my crackers!” They might give me inspiration I think to myself and smile back at her but she’s already locked into the screen and back being inspired on her own terms.

One cracker at a time I think, one more cracker and I wonder, why am I searching so hard? My mind goes to the taste of the cracker, my teeth crunch away with the absurdity of licking my fingers after each bite. Am I inspired?

What is inspiration anyways. Is it the lighting and thunder of a moment when I feel right about everything? Is it the most effective words that I can write to inspire others or even myself? Or is it just being in the moment eating cheesy crackers like a child in wonder, of a universe that changes each time I blink.

Go now yourself to the cupboard and find that snack, something for your own inspiration. Next go outside and look up at the sky or the beauty of the moment and be inspired.


I worry, you worry, we all worry about everything.


Life represents to us experiences to grow, to enhance the presence of being better than the intention we give out.


Change the pattern you are used to. Say no when those words, thoughts, past experiences come up and you freeze. I can’t I won’t I will never are not in your new vobalulary.

What’s Next

The new you:
I Can, I Will I AM the experience. If you are in belief that you are the experience you will change those patterns of failure and make what you choose the best it can be. Failure is no longer an option but follow though is.

Are you the best version of yourself? Stop the worry and you will soon find out.