What’s For Lunch

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

An empty bowl stands before me awaiting my desire to fill it.

How shall I choose?

There is air in its emptiness, there is a void in its contents yet is it empty and full at the same time.

Food for thought gives ideas on how to fill this empty bowl.

Its contents can be nourished and nourishing with the thought of how to fill it. Does your mouth water as you decide? Does your mind wander through the ads on tv encouraging you to choose them instead of this?

One thought at a time fields this bowl, one brave idea as what to eat.

Choose wisely, choose to challenge your palate with greens and layerings of heart and health. Quench with empty bowl with love.

Through the Door

What can you find if you could walk through the door of your mind?

Would you find a room full of stuff, clutter that you have to move through? An experience lost in time or piece of some thought that you haven’t really thought about?, One at a time you begin to make decisions to keep the thought or get rid of it. Yet to get rid of it you had to understand why it’s in this room in the first place. It may not exist in the reality you are in, yet it may still be held onto in a place we call sub conscious.

Alice walked through the door in a story we all have read and heard and saw. She found herself in an unknown wonderland, one she had to walk through considering all that she saw and felt.

Some of us will find the path through the subconscious going down the rabbit hole. We will integrate mediation or meditation, to move about the mind and find hope to move into the room and try to move beyond what you see inside the room. Some will go about their day looking at all the mirrors they have, the reflections of yes’s and no’s. They will open the door many times looking inside not yet ready to enter. Lastly some will be open and excited to find what this adventure offers. They have done their work looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of a higher purpose connected to each present situation. They will then go through this mirror, find the door and walk through it. There will be no indecision about what to keep and what to let go of. Thoughts will be moved out of the way and left behind opening up the room where one can see where they need to go next.

Where will you go, who will you find in the wonderland of your thoughts? Will you see what is real and what is only a story you tell yourself. Will you be strong enough to meet the Madd Hatter and attend the tea party as a celebration of the new you? Even if you have to try many times, involve yourself in the land of the Queen of Spades. You will get there.

“Off with their heads” is more than just a physical act of deliverance it is the only way we can find our truth. Feel reason though the heart, find your freedom by listening to your “guts”, and not your heads. Sometimes the rabbit hole can be tight and uncomfortable, yet when you finally get to the bottom and you will see beyond what you feel, when you live through your past, or always into a future of what if’s.

It’s only the now. It’s only you walking up to that door with a curiosity that can take you into the land of wonder and delight to become who you are.

Love, learn and keep moving forward.

Asleep At The Wheel

And to think I almost missed this. As I looked about I could see most of my fellow passengers were asleep or immersed in a movie. I wanted to yell hey everybody look, and then I thought yeah they would look at me and think what’s her gig!

So I looked and I saw. How can one not look and want to see something so magnificent. I couldn’t tell you yet they didn’t. Pretty big mountain, awesome place to climb, come on people someone acknowledge how wonderful our planet is.

So I was silent and I kept this wonder to myself. I whispered in her ear I will be back and this time maybe to climb your summit, sit at your snow covered peak and look up to see the people in the airplane go by.

Eating Muffins at the Airport

Thoughts about muffins? Not really, Im just an early arrival awaiting my flight to Vancouver. If you’ve never flown out of Sacramento try it, easy and not so busy. It’s not very often that one can get a direct flight from anywhere, anymore.

So what should one write about while eating a muffin at the airport? Should I be comprehensive, detailed, while people watching or just straight up direct? Don’t know. I do know my muffin tastes really good and eating it is a kind of cheat for me, so don’t tell on me.

The airport is super quiet, people watching is pretty dull. No exciting characters to portrait, no kids telling their parents they are bored and no complaining about flight delays. It is definitely very mellow.

I could get meditative and talk about how an airport could be a great place to get to know my fellow traveler’s. Conversations that could get close to the heart and how they feel about themselves and life. No, I want to be ghosting today< maybe let everyone else do the talking.

What and where does that leave me? I will just say it gives me great pleasure to be in the zone eating my muffin, not thinking about anything and I guess being present to what shows up.

I will smile, be cordial, converse if conversed to. Otherwise I will be wise anonymous to the nature of this beast and sit quietly eating my muffin.

Safe travels ya’ all were ever you may be, even if its just to the store.


You know we are always thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. Do we ever stop the noise about later, never, tomorrow or yesterday? Do you ever catch yourself and realize you have been somewhere else thinking about something that could, should or would have happened?

All the time!

I can’t draw! Yet finding art has helped me find an abstract way of getting out of my head at the most opportune times. I am so tired of thinking, being absorbed in thought. What does it get me? A headache!

When I open the app It’s like reaching into space where time doesn’t matter and what I draw is the only matter on my mind. I found I can’t multitask my brain functions when traveling though time and space if I am doing something that absorbs my thinking. The past doesn’t matter, pursuing the future isn’t in my que, and the present is all bout making something creative.

Make believe said the Madd Hatter, believe in the colours of being in the zone and not in your thoughts. If I can so can anyone. Writing is a passion, yet art is my saviour when I want to run through the forest and not worry about where I’ve been, where I am going. It’s only the strokes on a page, on paper and when its done I can only wonder where time has gone.

That my friends is a good thing and the best is when you don’t like it all you have to do is delete and start again. We can be like the art we create. Learning our lessons, getting out of our heads and being realistic. If delete needs to happen we can then know the reasons why and be grateful.

Be abstract and get out of the abstraction.

And Then There Was Woodstock

Woodstock. Three days of peace and love, where no one noticed any difference. No one cared if you wore clothes or what clothes you wore. People hugged, kissed, danced and meditated on nothing more than music.

We, yes I was there, slipped and slid in the mud, played in the rivers and streams and never wondered where we would go next. The music took us into a dance of the heart. The energy of each singer rejoiced in the moment. Love loved through all of us.

We went home in a daze, unaware of what could have taken place and for that matter we didn’t care. We had loved, danced and learned about the heart of what matters and that is simply people.

I long for that moment again, a moment that will never be. We are not that simple, nor direct in our desires for peace. The type of peace that comes with no strings attached.

I am honoured to have been there, to have discovered my fellow humans in the dance. Where have we gone and where do we hide.

Let’s come together again, not like we did then yet in a new presence of peace, love and being groovy.

No more war we chanted. No more war. Hug your neighbour see them for who they are and that is, just humans in a dance of joy.

It’s Hard

It’s hard to sit still when you want to be active. It’s hard to be quiet when the world wants you to voice your opinion, even though you haven’t decided to get involved.

It’s difficult to understand why “You” when you feel it’s not deserving. Harder to feel the hugs of love when everyone only wants to give you advice.

It’s freeing to walk away from what’s not yours to carry. It’s healing to just be if you can. If life gives you something you don’t understand do your best to accept it.

Not everything will always be easy, not everything will be acceptable. Sometimes we just have to suck it up, be still while we find the best answers possible and smile in the darkest of times.

Agree to disagree with life and do the best you can.