Here I Go Again

Here I go again. For me it’s down the rabbit hole, for you it may be up a mountain or to a lake. We all go somewhere all the time and sometimes it feels like nowhere. Yet to believe that the nowhere is now here makes for a completely different story.

So what is today’s story. I guess it can be anything I give life too, meaning how I am deciding to shape my thoughts and ideas in what I choose to do today. Today I just need to run as fast as I can down the rabbit hole. I really need to go, slide as fast as I can, hit the ground running and loose myself.

What I love about the rabbit hole is not always the sliding and the darkness but sometimes getting there, each time it’s different. If you don’t know where you are going and why it takes you a time or reason, then you may not understand the journey. Untangle yourself from the gnarled roots, stop and take a breath before you run, it may be the understanding you need. Today I have an idea so jump and run is what I intend to do.

How I know Iv’e made it, is what I see as I shake off my thoughts, ideas and the realizations about myself. This gives me a time to rejuvenate and restore before going on. So one breath into another until you are in the zone. Emptiness, The Madd Hatter calls it, plain and simple getting out of your head.

I usually head right over to see the Queen where I place my head upon the block so I can hear her say”off with her head!” Once that’s accomplished I can reset it back upon my neck and move on. Thankful for the queen and her ability to set me straight I can go on with the business of today which is usually represented in a ride or a hike somewhere. Im off, to find myself, conversations that are real, something that activates the reset.

Where shall I go? I know I go alone. It’s the only way down the rabbit hole for me. What I learn can be told at a later date when the conversation arises but this rabbit hole is mine. The mirrors I see, the right thinking I transpire to happens here deep within the consciousness of being without my mind, that I leave on the surface as I face the me within.

So here I am sitting at the base of the tree, ready to go. I breathe in and relax in the nurturing of my nature. The tree bends its branches in one enormous hug and sends me on my way. I will tell you all about it, as the story unfolds.

Go on now, go find your rabbit hole or maybe its a mountain or a lake. Take the time to be in no time, no distinct place or attitude. Believe you are here for a reason and your about to find out right now when you tune in and tune out.

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