Mile High

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Theres something I want to talk about, something very real to all of us. It’s a topic of self importance as it has to do with surviving. So let me pose you the question about survival. When do you know that who you are is just a survivor?

This mornings conversation over coffee was, how do we know if we are following our personal passions or belonging to the personal failure culture? Think about what I am really saying.

In todays world, we are always mindful, trying to thrive on our goals and our ambitions. The ambition is most likely personal our goals coming from a story held deep inside. We can not hide from the facts nor can we run from the emotions we all have. Our makeup is turmoil. It’s a venue of do’s and don’t, can and can’t, should and never. In return we have negotiated with our subconscious and told ourselves that if we can survive it will make it all better. Surviving is doing not a whole lot for our success or for failure for that matter. It’s liken to a mannequin who stands naked in a store window until its dressed, then and only then is there a story. We are just that a naked human who decides every day to wake up, get ready to succeed or fail, then undresses once again. If we go about our day dodging bullets are we failing? What about the opposite, standing in front of the bullets to feel success?

I think we have found a whole new way of doing things and it’s called standing in the middle. We have become survivors and not to a positive end. When we follow along disallowing the chance to learn we are only surviving. We value the acts of not doing over the acts of learning from our consequences and challenges. It’s time for change. I’ve always believed in choices made, challenges accepted and the follow through of change. Change happens when we make a different choice. Change happens when we get out of the middle and make a decision to follow through, to learn more about ourselves. Are we too big, too small, too inconsistent, always living through another? We do and we do so, to survive.

Time out everyone. Take a breath and breathe in something that could change you. It doesn’t have to be something big or magnificent. It could be as small as learning to fail at something you thought was your right to be. Choices are all around us and choice doesn’t include just surviving. It doesn’t mean drafting along behind someone else who tends to be bigger in personality or worth. It’s about being real to your truth.

The conversation could have gone on but sometimes truth is a bitter cup of coffee in the morning. So today I will learn to fail to find my strengths. I will become small to see myself as a bigger person with honest goals. I will no longer just survive by getting through the day. I will become the day, the moment or the second when I tell myself I am not a survivor but a truth slayer.

I don’t have to be anything more than real, passionate and able to persuade myself to follow through, though failure and success. To keep moving, keep trying, for life is nothing more than an education in success and failure. Because to stand still in the middle will only get you run over.

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