Lists, (tick, tock)

If we could live to a very old age would we be able to say at the end our journey that we completed our life the way we had hoped to? Would we still have a list in our pocket, our bucket list?

I would love to be that person who could say yes, to be able to give you another list, this list containing all the reasons I did choose the things on my list. The list goes on because I would then need to justify my list against your list and any other bodies list that is different than mine.

Mountains we climb and mountains we will climb. What would I do and what would my list look like. I took this to another level and decided to actually make “the list” and was surprised as to what I randomly wrote.

I wish I could have said first and foremost, save the planet, yet I did not. Did I write anything esoteric, not really. I think looking at my list I realized how human I really am. Human we are, persons with unique personalities, wants and desires. Are we soulful, at times, but I bet it wasn’t your number one. If asked to randomly write your list what would you write?

I want to be healthy. To be able to climb my mountains until the day I rest my body forever. I’d like to be able to say I made the right decisions concerning friends, family and career. Did I say wealth, I probably did because we all believe money does help us not get so stressed. Stress was not on my list and that is a good thing. Love, did I mention I hoped to have love for all time and not to be lonely. Longevity was undetermined because in the end I decided that to live forever or for a very long time may not be as productive as we imagine. Lessons will always come along and the challenges of living a longtime never go away.

I want to be real, to have goals and to see the positive end to those things I plan along the way. To find joy in my heart and believe there is always a better way to do something. In the end having done just that and in doing so, I would find my truth.

How about you? Tick Tock, tick, tock.

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