Serenity (serenade me)


Quietly I watch, as the time ticks away to the rhythm of my cats purrs. Each whisker whispering in tune to the the cats breathing. Why do I watch?

My own breath breathes but does it breath serenity? Does it know patience, able to sit for as long as needed, ears tuned in and not outward?

I look down and feel the cats claws slowly intertwining with my leg as he begins to kneed to the sounds of its own sleeping. Are you in the moment I ask the cat, present to the nature of being nurtured? Why can’t I close my eyes and feel this same rhythm? The sweet beating of my heart, like a drum beating out a dance for the body to be kin too. I wish myself well.

I will try to be cat like, purr-fect and feline. Nurtured by Mother Nature in knowing of myself. Maybe I will hang out by the fire and sleep until the unknown awakens me. Hungry for love I will hold my cat, become one with its serenity and essence.
Cat’s eyes open , his mouth now a cave of yawns as he sprawls out belly up. “feed me, he shouts, feed me.” So much for peace and serenity, so much for love. He’s now hungry for another kind of attention, that which only food can provide and I shall.

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