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Couches are for sitting. Observations come next depending on the view. Who sits on the couch and do you share?

Conversations begin, debates on todays activities, even those conversations where no communication is needed. It only takes a minute for the body to meld into the cushions. it either leaves the mind behind or begins the gathering of information. The information can be visual, mental, or neither. Have you decided to sleep?

Couches are for learning. They are there for kids to jump on and for cuddles when the day is done. Couches are also for touching and kisses, yet only found occasionally. What happens when we sit on the couch. Coffee, snacks maybe motivation to not sit there at all.

I’m on my couch. I’ve decided to share this modern arena with someone else. What is happening between the area that is the safe zone. Well it holds our space right now. There are books and computers, headphones and blankets. Is there conversation, communication, mind reading?

No the space between us is pretty busy. The conversations are being written down by me and heard through the drum of headphones by the other person who has yet to vacate this space. Our space is small, our visions wide in an attempt to overtake the other, who ever gets up first. Whose space is it? The couch holds the past, the present and the future. It holds the beginning of the day where our communication may be more or less and it also ends the day when our bodies are tired and somewhat irritable from what the day has brung.

One smile across the miles of limited couch space can change the evaluation one has when the eyes meet, the mouthes open and we set down our headphones, turn off the tv, set down the computer (after I finish my writing) and say hello to the day.

Get up off the couch, put down the coffee, the internet and the silence and begin to tell your story. Make a bench in the park your new couch, a hillside where you rest your bike or you feet after a run. Maybe a swing, while watching the kids play.

I love my couch, and I love my life. I hope you do too.

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