I am Wandering (Wondering)

Photo by Hoàng Chương on Pexels.com

In the midst of my insanity I wonder. I wonder why I am, what will I do and if there is a purpose for my life so far. I wonder how full I am and find myself wandering inside my head too much.

What happens when we wander aimlessly inside our minds. Lingering to often in the section that says “What If?” Then we head over to the next section that says ” What Now?” We may sit down in the chair and pour over all the ideas we have bouncing around with no conclusion, maybe even attempt to take the book out and do something about it. Action does speak louder than the silence that runs so deep within.

What now? Maybe the what and the now means to try again. Maybe it says walk to a different part of your minds library to the section that reads “No Answer.” All the books are blank because we haven’t filled them in yet. We haven’t taken the chances or made the changes required to find a page that has writing. Chance means to be neutral to what we desire, change means we just did it and have found a quite different answer. What do you think? Thinking requires thought and thought requires an emotional attachment to the process.

I think in my insanity that it requires me to stop thinking! To wander about in wonderment of all that I am. This multi thinking, multi dimensional super person that I am. To be insane to find sanity requires us to be unconventional, out of the box and not to normal. It’s being real.

I will wonder while I wander and then I wonder again. Well it’s back to the library where I will peruse a section that I have never been to before and learn something new. Then the adventure will begin.

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