Through A Story

Through a story you find out who you are. Through my story I hope you can find a meaning to you.

Stories come and stories go, down one road and up another depending on the day. What is the bases of our stories?

When we open our eyes our stories become real, those stories we dreamt of soon go by the way side underneath the pillows forever conscious in the back of our minds. Sometimes we ask for meaning and sometimes we are shaken in an awakening that it disturbs the normality of the day. Do we really have a story, something meaningful to share?

Our stories merge as we grow. They become a compilation of many stories all rolled into one. How do we then pull those stories apart and find the truth of which ones belong to us? We carry our mothers story and our fathers. We carry their meaning and their struggles as we grow our own. As parents we sent out our stories to our children in hopes that they can learn to understand something about us. Yet the stories get jumbled and they’re, our, your story becomes one in the many we all carry along side a truth that we hide from. How do we know who we really are?

Sometimes we know and when we know a fire comes from somewhere inside to know more. To be able to separate these truths from the stories we tell ourselves reveals a deep honesty of what we may have to do. Surrendering is my first advice. Believe that first the story you tell may not be the real story and then accept that it is false. Surrender to something inside that builds upon a meaning we have buried a long time ago. When you feel afraid you are close. When you say “it will change me,” then you are jumping on the spot.

My story is unraveling right in front of you. Through my words and my stories I will try and right the wrongs I have told myself. That which I said “no” too, those ideas that said, “come find me” and Ive said, “why now.” What is real and what is true is in you, not necessarily in the stories your parents told you or the generations before you, yet in you. You do have a story to tell and it is your foundation. Sometimes the story begins with an emptiness first, then you begin to experience the new point of view. One that you will develop as you go along, not from a past perspective or even a future but in the moment you experience it. That is a story to tell.

My story is your story it is our story as we try to survive now without a story but a new beginning in which the stories we tell will be for ourselves. We will be triumphant as we begin, having courage to tell everyone the story of the me inside.

Be Alice go down the rabbit hole find your wonderland and live it everyday. The darkness of the drop may scare you but the thrill of the ride will soon dissolve your fears. As you hit bottom you will pick yourself up and head toward the adventure you will be open; too find.

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