A Hard No

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Is “It” a hard no? Could it be that there is the possibility of a softer, yes?

Faced with an indecision do you take a hard look at the answer facing you? Is there a possibility of skirting the issue for now, to make for an easier choice? What is the difference between a hard no and a soft yes.

Dance on a hard wood floor, there is no give, it gives back without barriers. You move, you twirl, you sway and the floor beneath you gives what you give to it, that being the energy of your feet upon its surface.

Dance on a carpet or a well padded floor and you will get soft and pliable, a softer feel. You may eventually get friction from the carpet, or a softer dance with the padding. With the carpet your movements may not flow and with the padded floor, it’s softer, yet it doesn’t give you the same feel as the bareness of the floor.

A hard no gives you the answer without regret. It shows you what is truthfully is, hard and unforgiving. The answers flow and slide as you dance to the question. It’s hard work not to fall when it’s slippery yet soon you realize what you are to do to be fluid.

What happens with soft yes’s? You get just that, you may get a softer image and a more imaginative story. Yet you don’t get the feel of what is really the reality you may not want to face. Softer yes’s may be playful, they may bounce you around but I’d rather know where I am, not to be bounced to a destination that doesn’t help me out because I chose softness.

A hard no, is a hard no, but it will get you all the yes’s you ned every time.

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