Good day For Doors

Walk through one door and you have to close another, that’s the way it is. Knocking on the door may make some noise but if no ones home you need to move on. Don’t wait all day because some doors may never open. If you do stick around and wait you may miss the opportunity that awaits you next door where the door is already open.

Doors open and doors close yet we seem to always put our foot in the jam. We want to peek inside to see what’s available to us or we tend to hold our foot in the door afraid if it shut we can’t get back in. No one holds the door open nor is there anyone to shut it behind you. We all have to own up to the doors we choose, no one else can. It is our responsibility to believe that we know something about the doors we pick. There’s people we will meet in there, ideas that we will consider. The clock on the wall may chime the time to leave and if we are not observant we may stay too long and miss the reality of moving on.

Today could be the day that you see a new door. Notice the colour or the contour. Do you think it’s beautiful? If it attracts you then go take a look, use the knocker and see if someone opens the door. Something new awaits you, always remember that knowledge waits for no one but is always available if you ask for it. Tomorrow you may be different, tomorrow you may stay too long and fall asleep only to wake up and see the room empty. All the creativity that was there has moved on.

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow. I think I will find my door today.

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