The Dark Universe

Photo by Chuck Conway on

Very time I see the wonders of a dark night I am embraced by something greater than myself. To look upwards into the darkened sky and feel the nothingness that possess me, I am so little. I want to swing on those stars that shine so bright, to be a satellite being embraced by the solar system. I want to be that free.

Then, I look down. I see my feet held down by gravity and my heart feels heavy. I think about all the problems of this world and I am depressed into the cement beneath my feet, I am small. I can’t move. My arms hold my body at the waist and I stand there trying to figure out my next move. Where am I and how do I fit into the universe above me.

My problems seem so large, maybe I can slingshot them to the moon since it is so barren. If there’s no one up there then no one should care. I wonder and wish that someone would. Not that I am alone but somedays I hear so much from so many that I become silent.

Alone we walk this earth, alone we try to find validation from our small selves and only wish to be bigger than life itself. I think I will stay here by the shore listening to the ocean wash itself upon the shore. I will gaze upward toward the universe unknown and hope that it sees me.

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