Breaking Up? (What Does That Mean?)

Breaking Up is hard to do?

People break up, yes they do, yet why Up?. Whether in a relationship or a friendship, we always say “break up.” It seems to me that we should be saying breaking apart. We have break downs because of break ups but never break throughs. To break up means to move upward to a better destination. To have more awareness over the value of not being together yet does it really happen?

Most of us who have gone through “break ups” have also had break downs. Down the rabbit hole of depressing thoughts and actions unaware that we should be going upward because we have just have a break up. I like the word break through. To be able to break up, then break down and then have a break threw to another level, is the value of being through. When we break up we discover what holds us back in relating to the other people involved. It should help us be enlightened hence the word “UP” yet we fall down hard. Rocks in our pockets, like thoughts that keep us down are not helpful at all. I want to break and then glue myself together again if possible. I would rather break apart and let go of the broken pieces and know about the upwards after.

Breaking up is hard to do because breaking up really doesn’t happen that way. Maybe that’s why it’s so HARD!

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