When It’s Time to; Not Go Down The Rabbit Hole:

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

When do we know?

When do we know that it’s time to reroute and not do the same thing we always do? The idea of always knowing and always deciding that rabbit holes are best. When we go down the rabbit hole we discover the downside, we get deep and dark, sometimes putting ourselves at risk before we understand the outcome. What outcomes we have are always revealed at the bottom when we slide into the sunlight at the base of our consciousness.

Making the decision to climb the tree instead is unheard of for those of us that like Alice have understood that the rabbit hole and wonderland is the only choice. I dare Alice to reconsider. There’s always a choice and what if the choice is looking up instead of finding the downward angle.

Find a good sturdy tree and climb up. Pick branches that can support you yet have no desire to hold you in place, to dangle you above the ground. Take your time about how you see the climb unravel before you and even enjoy the view as you climb up. Each branch is a stopping point, a place to contemplate how high you would like to go and if it is possible. Never put yourself in danger because you can’t see exactly the next step up. Hang out for awhile on the branch let it support you in the positivity of climbing upwards. No one wants to fall, falling blindly back into the rabbit hole below.

Believe that sometimes the climb up above the tree tops gives you a better view, a view where sliding isn’t always necessary. You never know whom you may find as the Madd Hatter may very well be having tea at the tree top and invite you in.

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