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I learned something today.

I learned I can be aware of how others feel. That I am able to listen to the flow of words that come out of conversations without misunderstanding the content. I took a breath as I listened and chose to hear their truth instead of my own drama.

How does that happen? Did I grow up, become ten feet tall? Did my ears grow bigger so I could understand more? Maybe I have a sense of what people want from me, which is nothing more than my smile. Let’s laugh more and cry less.

I can look at you and see your true worth. I know why you are, the way you are and now I can believe in you. Did you change something about yourself, maybe you hair? No you are the same. I think I’ve changed, matured into a better person. Now maybe we can hang out together more. I will put down the sword if you do. The forked tongues that didn’t help us converse. Let’s learn to be friends, no longer lovers or in a relationship. I just want to relate.

Being platonic is interesting. No longer am I involved in the day to day drama but in want to discover more about who we are together by being apart. Room mates with lives not attached yet here help each other out with the strengths we have.

So yes after we talked no one walked away, there was no resentment or blame. We shook hands saying we would see things differently as two people trying to survive in a world gone wrong.

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