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Forgive, define please. Help me to understand this word in an honest way.

Forgiveness has two faces. To fore give is to believe in truth, to pass forward an honesty that may have an opportune moment to betray. How do we forgive people, to ask them for forgiveness when we cannot look into the mirror and do the same to ourselves. “Oh, I forgive you, but….”

The past is irreverent to the future if the choices that we have made in the present are better, we learn from our actions. Did we learn from past mistakes? Then to forgive is what? Why do we dredge up the past when not needed. Bring up old wounds when the wounds do not even belong to us? Who really wins? Forgiveness then becomes judgement, blame and shame.

Do we think we can justify our own self worth by associating ourselves with someone elses past actions? Can we be certain that it’s worth the motivation to do so, to jockey ourselves into a win? I’m sorry I see that as a loss. Do we ask ourselves about mirrors, justifications and reason? We have all done things in a past tense that may be associated as wrongful. We cannot represent the past and be in the present at the same time. Why not be positive. We are all living through change. What was right before is not right now yet to be called out for being young and stupid well we have all been there, done that. Let’s look at positive action and be present in all we hear, see and feel. Concentrate on where we go from here in the betterment, negativity is not a cause we should bandwagon for.

Let’s be real. Let’s be truthful and let’s have an open honest conversation and when we say forgive we actually mean it.

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