Rain(The Sun Comes Out)

Photo by Mont Photographs on Pexels.com

Today the sun came back. What a welcome sight for all of us. No unwelcome dark clouds, rain pelting against the windows with wind howling through the trees. The clouds parted this morning bringing in blue skies and warmer temperatures. I welcomed this sight as I opened my eyes and I did smile.

Why is it a simple thing like sunshine and blue skies can lift our hearts and our minds? We soon forget yesterday when the sky was darker, the mood was grim and all our troubles seemed to pour out with the rain as it fell. Sunshine can take away the pain for awhile. It can open us up as we take off the layers of clothes we had put on only 24 hours ago. We can be in the moment now, almost dancing around the house not wanting to wait to get outside. Sunglasses are called for, shades to embrace the warmth on our eyes. Can we see clearly now, it seems so. Why was I so depressed yesterday, I cannot remember. Everything I thought I would never get through I did. The sheets of rain that brought failure upon my mind is now dried up and no longer waiting for me to fall down.

I see the sun raising itself up from the misery of the darkness, beginning its route across the sky. I too will follow the rays and make my way through the day. I can do this I say, I can do anything.

I’m dressed and ready to take on this day. Sun on my back, its heat flowing through to my heart. Today I love myself, my life and my vision. I promised myself as I took out my phone not to check tomorrows weather, because if I don’t maybe this will last forever.

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