What I’m Told or I’m Not Listening

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How well, do we listen to what we are told. Like tin cans held together by string we listen intently to the hollow conversation inside the echo. Do we believe what we hear? Do we pay attention, completely immersed to what the conversation is all about? How well, do we care what another has to say.

Do we validate someone by tuning out the inner conversation we are having and finding ourselves understanding where the words are coming from. Can you hear me now? How much louder do we have to get, to get someones attention? Maybe we don’t care either.

If we all truly listened what would we hear? Honesty, true feelings, reality? Could we actually distinguish what the issues are? Could we converse back with the debate that means something to get somewhere? I’m not sure anymore. Sometimes I think we just talk to hear ourselves speak. I’m not sure our hearing even works anymore. We hear what we want to hear, stories we have taken the time to make up and believe them. What is relative any more?

I think I just gave myself another headache trying to figure this out. I think what is needed is no distractions, hand waving nor loud colourful voices that take away from the true meaning of listening. “What up”, let’s listen better, hear more and find some understanding about the reality of what matters.

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