I Went Shopping (with the grandkids)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I did go shopping with the grandkids. I suggest everyone try this and if you don’t have any go borrow some. Kids can teach us so much and what I learned today was not only fun but informative.

The day started out, with a phone call. Mom, not me, was going to take the eldest to a Climate Change Rally and could I sit the other two. No big deal I wasn’t extra busy so it was a yes. So after the pick up I decided to take them out as I needed to buy a gift for a birthday and I asked for their help. I wondered if I could be crazy but crazy is what crazy does and off we went.

Children are always in the zone no matter where they are. I find them aware and quite inquisitive to the most normal of things. On the short drive up island we discussed everything from what the rally was all about to what to get a 70 year old birthday recipient. So what suggestions did I get well lets get out of the car and then shop.

As I drove into the parking lot I was informed by them to park at the back because there was no one around and lots of room. The decision was made to get closer because when I told them how far they had to walk it became a hard no. They thought I could drop them off out front, park and then find them. I think not yet I wondered where they could have gotten that idea. Thinking about what they said I realized how much of what they see and hear does really effect their perfect little minds and later on in life. Watch out what I say from now on, I told myself as I looked for something closer. Finding a spot, I was again notified to not park to close to other cars for various reasons and as we walked into the mall to “watch out for strangers.” That was in itself funny because I pointed out they were all strangers.

The trip around the stores and the decision to eat first was uneventful and as we looked it because very in the moment and methodical. I must tell you this was from them and not from me. We discussed over fries what to get their grandma and what was appropriate and not so much. We walked the isles, touched items and felt fabric all because they suggested it. Fully present and in the moment I began to loosen up and allow the children to take me where I needed to go. I listened to their conversations about life and found they belonged to no past nor future moment only in the “now” I am here.

We ventured about and make decisions based on what they knew about her and what they recognized she did everyday. They said they wanted her to feel young again and that she needed to have something fun to play with. Well you know not a bad idea really. I thought I’d like that for myself too. We left the mall with hands empty for grandma because pyjamas were too old and crazy t shirts, not her. I would shop another day.

Yet we did leave with hands and hearts full of conversations and love for each other. We drove home watching the storm clouds roll in and talk about soccer the next day. Life is good when you hang out with kids, gives living a perspective without negatives.

Oh and yes there was stop at the toy store because grandma’s don’t ever take their grandkids out without buying them something to take home.

Peace out everyone.

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