What A day

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on Pexels.com

What a day. A long one for sure and I can’t say it’s been all that crazy but crazy enough to share. Oh who am I lying to? I’m sitting here typing while the football game is on and I usually am not a watcher of football. Where do I begin.

It was sunny out and the blue skies had me up early enough to watch some news yet still get ready for soccer. I have a few grandkids and it’s not always that easy figuring out who I had promised to be their cheer team. The process though wasn’t too tricky today, as there was only one real game, one practice and an early hockey game which I knew I would miss. So coffee in hand I ran out the door and onto the pitches. All went well and then I came home.

Oh home was ok, wasn’t expecting the heart to heart talk yet I got through it with flying colours which doesn’t always happen. A walk was in my que and by now the clock was ticking time into the afternoon so it was now or never. Onward and out I went. Of course I decided on a direction I hadn’t gone in awhile and it soon made me realize why. I have been told that there was construction and I now say I did know, yet I will profess I didn’t if you ask. Get it done I say and I did.

Oh, it gets better believe me because I ran into a heavily joyous man, he was exhuming happiness, I think he may have been stoned, and I ended up having the best conversation I have had in awhile. Plus he looked so much like Tommy Chong it was ridiculous. I walked away excited and forgot where I was going for a moment. Half way home I started to think about my birthday. Everyone in the family has been asking so I thought it would be a great time to figure it out. I have no idea and that’s as far as it got for me.

As I turned the corner to head home I made the decision to head up the road and visit our local pawn shop. Yup love it there, one never knows the treasures one finds. Great people, warm smiles and I did I tell you Im related to them.

Long story, long and getting no where except guess what I bought a mandolin! Yup a stringed thingamagig. So magical the sound I fell in love at first sight and as I left I laughed because I did it backwards, I bought the present.

Happy birthday to me. I told you it was a crazy day and yes football is still on and it’s not so boring. (I’m actually a soccer, cycling and hockey fan)

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