I think It’s time To Go Get Ice Cream

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

I think it’s time to go get ice cream. I think we all need a day off. My mind has had enough confrontation from all sides of this debate and it needs a rest. I thought for a minute that I had punctured a brain wave but I think my mind had a fart. I need to know where this is all going and if it’s going south it’s time for a vacation. Instead of getting my head out of the clouds, I want in.

Getting ice cream is a great idea. Put down the cell phones, turn off the media and relax. Go get the kids from school never mind give them a day off too. Head down to the local ice cream shop and scream for the cold stuff in a waffle cone. We all have earned a break. Hell has a lot of fury these days and the thoughts in my head are about to freeze it over.

It’s time to get real and getting real is to slow the F down, face a long awaited reality and say enough. Enough of the B.S. and the fluff stories. To tell the truth should be more than a tv series I’d like to turn it into a reality show.

I think I will close my blinds, turn up the tunes and dance. Then I’m taking everyone out for ice cream. I need a brain freeze.

Peace out people.

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