Conversations (Please Don’t Talk)

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When to talk and when not too that is the question. I wish we had talk buttons and if, and I say it again IF we choose to have an answer we push the button. It really grabs me when someone has to give you an answer whether it was asked for or not.

To converse is to be real but realistically I’m not sure people know how to be real anymore. Yes we open our mouthes, we shut them and in-between we talk. What comes out though is not necessarily productive, sometimes we throw up words that make no sense. We tend to talk to ourselves a lot, I have for sure, yet I tend to talk in private. Open ended conversations with the public at large is not always positive. I just stare in awe when I hear someone answering another’s question without even being apart of the conversation. People who walk by and say something that should never come out of the mouth.

I hear mumblings about dress codes, hairstyle and makeup. Better dressed or underdressed, those who walk alone or with dogs. We seem to have all the answers to someone else’s lifestyle. what’s up with all of that. Hasn’t our parents taught us well? I think that answer in itself can start a whole new conversation. Pleasant conversations are worth all the happiness hearts can muster. Smiles are priceless, worth cannot be measured. Even if one doesn’t approve is it really up to us to determine that? Simply don’t talk. We have become so opinionated that we devalue another by simply speaking when not spoken to.

I hope I have not sinned by bringing this up. This is a conversation I am having in my head and you are privy to listening. I do apologize if I have spoken out of turn yet I don’t.

Next time a conversation happens make sure all eyes are not on you but the ears are in sync to the voices that are speaking.

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