I Can’t Believe I said Yes (to pie)

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

I’m a health nut. Much like a squirrel I like my nuts and seeds, plants and fruits. Why I have chosen to eat pie? Well let me tell you!

I hope that tomorrow is another day because it’s not that this day sucks but it could be up there with some doozies. When I say I lost my dog, got rained on and sang the blues it’s pretty close.

So when I was asked to eat pie I said absolutely. Pie and I don’t get along. Im not very good at dairy and my guts will tell everyone otherwise I’m sure later. Wheat is another of my enemies. I love bread it’s just not all kinds of bread love me. So here I am doing double duty on my precious intestinal tract. I guess I really want to know indigestion.

What could have happened you may be saying that would make me lay down and do something that would make me feel so miserable later? Well, here’s the skinny, yeah not so much, story.

It started out to be an awesome day. Got on my bike had a ride, listened to a great podcast and then STOP! What the heck I thought, why do these podcasts about self worth and dignity have to ruin my day. I’m here in the present, I’m healthy and fit yet wait, that’s not the deal. The deal is more. Well I thought what if I don’t want to give more (HAHA)? What if I want to be lazy, only eat what I want and not give a shit about people? Better yet not care about me? Could I do this, even for a day? I mean lay back and be lack about it all. I stopped my bike got off sat on the grass and laughed out loud. That in itself took me to another level because I did get the reaction I wanted. People began to look at me and wonder what the F? Then I got back on my bike and did a saunter home which took me twice as long. I almost disobeyed the road laws but that I knew better not to do. When I got home I decided to yell at my friend for no reason, ( I filled him in after). Walked in with my shoes on which I never do and cried. Why did I cry, you say, just because I couldn’t go through with my undone day. I did try and not care, not relax and not be mindful. Thats a shame because I thought I could. Not be myself, not give a hoot for once, throw away the podcasts and be real!!!

Well I found out I am real, I do care about myself and I can fall apart and put myself together again. It’s was a good test to try and I’ve decided, I will just go about my everyday routine of smiles, being helpless in the moment and of course trying my best.

So now what? I’m going to back for seconds!

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