Three Stooges

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I’m gutting myself yet I have to ask, “Is it still ok to watch The Three Stooges?”

During my childhood we made fun of everyone and everything, can I still feel that innocence, without racial blur, and find a good belly laugh. I thought I’d better ask because I may be arrested by the politically correct police any minute.

Now there’s a commercial on about a cat beating up a mouse does that make me a bad animal owner? I’m so confused these days. Laughter is the best medicine yet which brand do we subscribe to?

Back to the stooges. I used to get my brothers together and be exactly those guys. Short of finding hammers and other appliances we pretended the “yuck, yuck” and fingers to the chin “nyuck nyuck”. We chased each other around the house and back yard promising to trounce on the “bad guys” any time we chose. There seemed to be no blurred lines then. How many of you became Super Man? No one ever told me as a girl I couldn’t.

Now as I’m watching I’m getting the stink eye from my child, the finger wagging about political correctiveness and making fun of others. Hey I’m laughing with, not at? We all need a good belly laugh being tickled to our core. To be ok with just laughing with others and not announcing retribution for something that was funny then and not now. But ya know what, it is still funny. Trying to take off from a dock still tied when the boom comes down and hits your head. America’s Funniest does it every Sunday.

I think I will finish the show, Green acres is coming on next and I feel like being a kid again. I told my child I will close the curtains and shut the windows so no one sees or hears me laugh. Laughing from the core of my being without reservation of being unkind to anyone.

Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads and not our hearts, have clarity that we are not hurting or harming by watching some good old fashion TV. Hey at least I’m not watching Gun Smoke.

Nighty night. Popcorn anyone and your all welcome.

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