I’d Like To Vacuum (my brain)

I’d Like to vacuum my brain, clean out the trapped information, suck out the not so necessary information.

I’d like to replace it with absolutely nothing more than air, helium that raises me up. Call up the energizer bunny to hop around making tracks for me to follow. Brain power that carries with it usable knowledge and believable information.

Maybe I can use a can opener to open up the hard wired misinformed memories and scoop out the brain that doesn’t matter.

I will replace it all with happiness, joy, living in the moment where the ideas that are important can have room to move and motivate me. I can transpire and inspire the dead parts of me to grow new shoots and wind itself about creating a beautiful landscape that I can sit with and love.

I’m in. Anyone out there with me?

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

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