Word Has It

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Words have it, I don’t. Sentences can relate to a days activities, I can’t always understand. Who am I?

To write a paragraph means I have to sit down and explain to myself those things that I sometimes want to forget. Maybe I choose to remember the good times and devalue the not to pleasant. Who am I to say? Anyone can write down a story yet is it true.

Words have a better relationship to language than we do to ourselves. We are who we think we are but are we? Define it in words, express it in a sentence, believe it as you read it. Word has it!

Sign it with your hands, sing it with your voice, pen to paper or phone to text. Word up makes you happy or sad.

WORD. Worthy, Organic, Radiant, Delightful. Tell it like it is. Worthless, Ordinary, Regretful, Depressed. Who am I? Better check the dictionary and find out. WORD OUT.

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